Bill Menchen has a career that stems over several decades with a lifetime of achievements.

He played in a rock group that he started since getting out of high school until 1985. But he felt like he had to get more serious about playing music as a Christian. He found 3 other guys to get a group going in southern California. They called the group "Redeemer". He played guitar and sang lead. By his own admission he was a terrible singer, but rock singers were hard to come by and he wasn't going to sit around and rot. It was the beginning of a long road of achievements, learning how to write and record his own style, and a long road of hard lessons. The group independently recorded about two albums worth of material with Redeemer. Redeemer played in almost every kind of church, public parks, bars, and night clubs.

After Redeemer, he started another group in 1989 called "Final Axe". He just played the guitar in this group, and wrote the music, so it was a different perspective. They recorded about 2 albums of material independently. By now he was starting to see the value of not only having skilled players and dependable people in a group, but well grounded musicians as well.

He started another group in 1991 called "Rev Seven". And by necessity he ended up back on lead vocals. They recorded an indie cassette that sounded pretty good, and was voted 4th most popular unsigned band in a Heaven's Metal readers poll. After moving to Las Vegas in 1993 he made a new Rev Seven cassette. In late 1995 he started the group "Titanic". In 1996 he got to know Robert Sweet, the drummer for Stryper. They did some demo recordings, and it gave him a chance learn some invaluable things from him.

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The "White Metal" "Eternal Power" and "Dominion and Power" Albums

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