MARIO MURILLO: In A Strange And Wonderful Way, I have Received A Miracle



Mario Murillo preachingMy staff told me we got a call from a doctor in the Midwest, who said I should call him. I called him back. He said he had treated thousands of patients.  He had been a medical doctor and then he added chiropractic training.  He became proficient dealing with muscle/skeletal/ neurological afflictions.  So far so good, but then he said this:

He explained that I might have trouble believing what he was about to tell me.  He said he prays and asks God the Father to reveal the root cause of many conditions.

Here I was on the opposite side of a miracle.  I was my turn to do what I have asked so many in crusades to do:  to open my heart to the moving of the Holy Spirit. But how could I trust a voice over the phone.  I asked God for a sign.

He told me I had two conditions at one time and that was why it was confusing.  First, he focused on my excruciating hip pain.  He told me I had jammed my joint—that I didn’t need a chiropractor but to have my son grab my ankle and give it 3 sharp pulls.  I tried to be respectful.

Next he said, a vertebra near the base of my spine had a slight protrusion and that was the root of my back pain.  My MRI showed this was true.  He told me I would feel much better in my hip, and back but I still had to rest for another 3 weeks to restore my nerve.

Then he said I see a scar from an injury when you were young.  There it was!  I asked God to reveal to this man about what my MRI revealed.  I had broken a bone in my spine from a football injury but I never knew it until the MRI.  My wife and I were rejoicing.  He gave a few more words and then we said goodbye.

I asked my son to do what the doctor ordered.  Michael was scared to do it.  “What if I injure you Dad?”  I told him to believe.  Three swift jerks and my hip was stretched.

No difference.  But I could tell it did not injure me.

In the middle of the night, the voice of the Lord woke me up.  This was the second time this had happened during my ordeal.  The first was when he ordered me to write a blog confessing that God would turn everything around and rescue me.

Well anyway, this time the Lord said read Psalm 31:19 “Oh, how great is your goodness to those who publicly declare that you will rescue them. For you have stored up great blessings for those who trust and reverence you.”  The Father told me that because in the depths of my agony I publicly confessed He would rescue me that I was blessed.”  That was it and I went to sleep

The next morning, I woke up the way I had for weeks: terrified to move.  Only this time, I could move.  Do I dare try to walk with no one there to help me?  I did and I could walk!  The crippling pain had become a dull ache.  Even though I could walk something told me to take it gradually.  Each day I have grown stronger.  I have a ways to go before I can stand in a pulpit…Now I am watching the unfolding of a total miracle.  All glory to God.

This miracle was the result of the prayers of many.  I know that I will leave many out but I must mention fellow warriors Bob and Debbie Searle, Sonny and Linda Lara, Connie Carpenter, Tony and Shirley Scott and the church on Strayer, Sandy Querin, Billye Brim, Tony and Brenda Krukow and all the folks at prayer mountain—and, especially my wife who endured so much in this battle  And who is that doctor?  I will tell you when I have permission.  Again, I say all glory to Jesus Christ.

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